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Become Champions of Sexual Positions

With the game Positions and Sequences


Some sexual positions that we would like to practice are sometimes uncomfortable and we say it is not for me. Well with a minimum of fitness and a good knowledge of how to practice your sexual positions, you will become you and your partner, champions in bed in all sexual positions.


You absolutely do not need to be an athlete to practice the 52 positions we suggest. Our Positions and Sequences card game is an indispensable guide for couples, even in the most modern books; even the sexual positions of the famous Kama Sutra do not mention the importance of the sequences. These sequences take into consideration your preferences, your skills, your desire for sweetness or on the contrary your animal desire for a penetration in strength.


Our Positions and Sequences game is a bit like music; Just like the notes once skillfully chained, reveal a harmony of sounds, the sexual positions can also reveal a harmony of pleasure and satisfaction between lovers. Have control of your sexuality, do not let the chance of the moment decides how to begin your sexual relationship or how it will end. Make your partner happy and proud of you by offering a sexuality that will satisfy both of you because you « know the song”!


This game Positions and Sequences contains;


*** 1 Complete instructions booklet in English


***52 Positions Illustrated cards with descriptions and characteristics for each

Control (him/her) , Intensity of Penetration Possible , Depth of Penetration, Opportunities for Caresses, Comfort (him/her), Clitoral Stimulation, G-Spot Stimulation, Visibility of the Face’s Expressions, Positions Suitable for Anal Sex.


*** 1 Legend card. Look at this photo caption card. It shows you all possible attributes for a single position


***8 Positions Sequences to create:

Crescendo of Excitement, a soft start amps up progressively to a stunning final.

Eastern Ecstasy, Yin and Yang fuse in perfect harmony, followed by long thrusts leading to mutual nirvana.

Steamy Synergy, rising intensity spiced with alternating or shared control.

Imperious Amazon, her man becomes a ‘’sex object’’ who strictly exists for her pleasure.

Pornstar Style, wow, you’re on fire! Time to get kinky…

Quick-Comers, restrained thrusting, at measured pace.

Random or D.I.Y., who knows what random sequence has in store? Alternately, make up your very own sequence!

Clitoral Ecstasy, delectable clitoral stimulation in sync with penetration.


In short, all the secrets you need to know for your couple are revealed to you!