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Surprising questions and challenges to enjoy together.

Together you have a goal…, but how strong is your bond and how well can you really work together? Openhearted Team Spirit allows you are your teammates to discover this in a surprising and playful manner.

With more than 100 inspirational questions and tasks, you are challenged to be openhearted, to trust one another, get to know each other and to strengthen your bond. Take it in turns to take a card which has a question or task such as:

• If you could make a wish for one of your team members, what would you wish and for whom?
• Look at your team members and split them into the groups; Hearing, seeing and silence.
• You are going to form the new government with the people present. You are the prime minister, who is going to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and who for Finance, Justice, Defense or Education…?
• If you were solely responsible for this team, what would be the first thing that you would change?

These and many other questions and tasks will provide surprising answers, serious reflections, new discoveries and above all… lots of fun together. Prepare to be surprised, strengthen your bond and be more successful together.

This dynamic game is for two or more players and is suitable for any group, club or company. Play openhearted for the true team spirit and above all to have lots of fun together. Come in a display of 4 games, English version. No.MZ3078